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Barton Ventures, LLC

About Us

Barton Ventures, LLC is a venture capital firm that was founded in 2009 by Paul Barton to provide individuals the opportunity to invest in private, up-and-coming companies, alongside institutional investors, but on a smaller scale than normally would be possible.

Our Approach and Philosophy

We create an investment pool of funds of individuals that we know, friends, family and trusted colleagues and combine the investment into one larger amount. This allows Barton Ventures, LLC to then participate in investments with larger venture capital firms that normally would not accept investments of less than $50,000 at a time. We have accepted investments from individuals as low as $250 dollars.

Because of this approach, Barton Ventures, LLC and its members are able to invest in exciting, entrepreneurial, private companies, on a case by case basis, through the Venture Capital firms that we invest in and work with, that are not open to the public at these small amounts. We then get a "seat at the table" to participate in new companies growth, as they seek venture capital typically in the $500,000 to $5 million range.

As a private firm, we are selective who we take investment money from, and work with people that we know through our members and their network. Our philosophy is to have a vehicle for our members to grow their private assets, even though small to start, so that throughout the years, this has the potential to be sizeable enough to participate at the $50,000 plus investment levels normally required by an individual investor at other venture capital firms.